Blue Ignition for Energy

Blue Ignition for Energy

Blue Ignition™ had been developed and tested on combined heat and power engines (CHP, or co-generation of heat and power) by Ecomotive™. Blue Ignition™ is the successor of Ecomotive’s ‘Plasma Ignition’. Blue Ignition™ is not only a system, but also it is a technology on its own right.

Blue Ignition™ is able to ignite extreme lean mixtures and fuel types that are difficult to ignite. The ignition was developed and tested on a MAN V8 engine. Tests were also on 2G engines. Blue Ignition is using standard automotive spark plugs. The usage of pre-chamber spark plugs is redundant. This will contribute to cut operating cost of the engine.

CHP are used in local energy grids to use electricity and heat more effective than centralized production. Blue Ignition™ supports that. The ignition will enable the local CHP to run leaner mixtures. Fuel saving had been observed of circa 5% to 10% at lambda 1.4 to 1.8. That is due to the efficient combustion in the combustion chamber. Blue Ignition™ is a contribution to protecting the environment. Optimized combustion, greater fuel economy are resulting in lower exhaust emissions. Existing deposits on the combustion chamber wall and piston will be removed and do not build up again.

Blue Ignition for CHP can be ordered as an add-on system to the existing system. Blue Ignition™ is currently manufactured on commission. Blue Ignition is a modular concept and can be assembled as 1- or multiple cylinder versions.

The ignition is suitable to ignite

  • Natural gases
  • CNG
  • LNG
  • Methanol
  • Biomasses
  • Gases out of wood burning

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