Blue Ignition (Plasma Ignition)

Blue Ignition (Plasma Ignition)

Blue Ignition™ is a major breakthrough in plasma ignition technology. Blue Ignition™ was developed for and with the help of the automotive and CHP industry. Blue Ignition™ is a technology on its own right. It cannot be compared with classic solutions like the magneto ignition or modern plasma and corona ignition technologies.

Blue Ignition™ achieves reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel economy. Both had been observed and tested on light duty vehicles, motorcycles, and CHP engines. Blue Ignition™ redefines the combustion process. It makes it efficient and complete. The degree of fuel efficiency depends on the displacement size. Blue Ignition™ is suitable to ignite different problematic fuel types that are used in CHP engines. The technology will bring other advantages to various applications. Blue Ignition™ is patented. Blue Ignition Mark C is the latest development. Ecomotive™ designed a modular concept where users will benefit from. The modules are designed to fit as perfect as possible into the application they are meant for. Testers are integrate or can be connected to check the functionality of the ignition. Blue Ignition Mark C can be used in a wide range of applications like automotive and industrial engines. The cogeneration of heat and power belongs to the later group. The same counts still for the range of fuel types that Blue Ignition can ignite:

  • Gasoline
  • LPG
  • CNG
  • Methane
  • Renewable gases
  • Gases made out of landfill or wood burning.

Blue Ignition applications …

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