Blue Ignition for Automotive

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Blue Ignition for Automotive

Ecomotive™ started to offer an ignition for the automotive application 10 years ago. Its name was ‘Plasma Ignition’.

Blue Ignition™ is a new technology and brings many advantages to the customers. The ignition is currently and add-on system — retrofit for the aftermarket. An OEM version will be introduced in the near future.

The main advantage of Blue Ignition™ is that its technology will reduce exhaust emissions and an increase in fuel economy. The scope depends on the size of the displacement. Blue Ignition™ had been developed on industrial engines and in CHP plants. The ignition had undergone high technical demands. Blue Ignition™ had been tested with different fuel types. Unusual and problematic gas types like gases made from wood were successfully tested as well. Ecomotive™ will introduce retrofit systems for some major car models over the next years. Currently, we are producing on request only. That does not mean that Blue Ignition™ is a luxury. We like to satisfy our customers and are able to produce specialized products. We are able to build 1-cylinder to 16 cylinders (possible) solutions. Blue Ignition™ had been used to ‘revive’ engines of hopeless reconstruction projects of classic and vintage cars.

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