The Company Ecomotive

The Company Ecomotive

Ecomotive™ was founded by Michael Reimann as independent engineering studio in the year 2000. The scope of the company is to improve the combustion of internal combustion engines. Ecomotive’s idea is to change the ignition and that will result in an improvement of the combustion process. The usual approach is to change technologies around the ignition. The ignition was considered the last technology to be changed, if not unchangeable.

Persistent research and development have proven that the ignition can be changed. Ecomotive’s first solution delivered just more performance. The breakthrough in technology happened in the year 2006. The product of Ecomotive™ had been called ‘Plasma Ignition’. That technology laid the founding stone to Blue Ignition™. A technology that reduces exhaust emissions and has a positive impact on fuel economy.

Ecomotive™ is going to commercialize the product family Blue Ignition™ in the USA. The company is a corporation under Delaware law since February 2016.

Ecomotive’s scope has not changed. We believe that there is more room for reducing exhaust emissions and contribution to fuel economy. The company is not only focusing on industrial customers. We want to give any person the change to reduce exhaust emissions. Ecomotive™ is going to sell Blue Ignition™ as a retrofit device via the aftermarket.

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